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2017 realistically achieving resolution

How to realistically achieve your New Year’s resolutions

Keeping New Year's resolutions throughout the year is not impossible with these five foolproof steps.

20 may 14 Religions PH 14

Religions in the Philippines

Discover what religions are practiced in the Philippines and other interesting facts on religion.

The Black Nazarene icon, surrounded by marshals wearing yellow, is protected from possible damage because of the crushing mass of devotees

Filipino Icon: The Black Nazarene

The religious icon that draws millions of devotees in a procession that ultimately tests the faith.

29 apr 14 trycyle pedicab 2

Filipino Icon: Tricycle and Pedicab

This noisy three-wheeled mode of transportation is a staple around the country.


EU News

Nation of optimists: 8 in 10 Spaniards are happy

Despite the heatwave gripping Spain and fears about Grexit, Spaniards are overwhelmingly happy,

EU News

Bakery set to be world’s first to deliver by drone

A Spanish bakery to become the first in the world to deliver its bread by a fleet of drones.

EU News

Why you should always google the prescription given to you

Norwegian woman dies after given chemo meds by mistake


Airline gives hackers million free flight miles

Read on and know why.

Life and Lifestyle


Why are doctors so guilty of working while sick?

Sick physicians put patients at increased risk.


S-E-X-ERCISE: How a healthy sex life can improve weight loss

Reports show marathon sex is a unique fitness program for all weight watchers.

Salabat for cold Days 1

Salabat for cold Days

Salabat doesn’t only warm you up on cold days, it can also improve your vocal chords for a sweeter singing voice. Try it and see if it works with you.


Is Apology Important in a Relationship?

The significance of apologies in our relationships and what it can do for us.

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