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10 jaw-dropping dream Bedrooms

Access to dreamland is as simple as going to sleep. But if going to bed means hours of tossing and turning to catch elusive slumber, then maybe there’s a problem with your bedroom.


Here’s some inspiration… 10 jaw-dropping bedrooms designed to motivate you to do something about your personal boudoir!


This bedroom brings a lively, attractive twist to the phrase ‘sleeps with the fishes.’ Ever wished you could sleep in peace at the bottom of the ocean and admire the beauty of the corals and the steady swimming of sea critters? You could with a built-in aquarium for a bedroom wall!



Some people read a good book to sleep. Others like to sleep with books. From dusty tomes to the raunchiest paperbacks, book lovers will get a kick of having their own library bedroom filled with beloved volumes in all editions.


Wake up to a sprawling view of the ocean with a bedroom overlooking the blue world. Tall, storm-proof glass windows are a must for this scenic bedroom.


Who said booze and bedrooms do not mix? Build a bar around your bedroom and stockpile on favourite beers and wine. Sleepovers will never be the same with a bar bedroom!


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