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10 jaw-dropping dream Bedrooms

Grown claustrophobic with tiny bedrooms in budget apartments? Then you might be itching to sleep in the plush bedrooms of the world’s Royal families. High ceilings, spacious rooms and rich furnishings would serve to give you a peaceful sleep.


Starry nights can shimmer brighter with a bed that opens up to the night sky. Are you a budding astronomer? Or do you simply enjoy gazing at the night sky with a loved one comfortably beside you? A sky bedroom is perfect for romantic evenings.


What’s one of the best things to do while lounging in bed? Watching your favourite movie! But what’s better is having a full home theatre system in your bedroom with a remote controlled screen, surround sound, high definition movie projector and a comfortable bed from which to view all the action.


Imagine jumping from your bed and diving right into a swimming pool every single day. This is possible with a bedroom and a built-in pool right by the foot of your bed.


Are you sick of the drab cot with its thin sheets and stale foam? Maybe you ought to get a bedroom that will indulge your sleeping habit? Plunge into velvety sheets, downy pillows, thick cushions and supple spreads with the most comfortable bed in the world!


Do you know of other bedroom themes that inspire you to want a better bedroom? Share them by commenting below!

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