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10 most romantic Chairs

Have you ever dreamt of nestling in the arms of your lover, gazing into his smoldering eyes while saying the words ‘I love you?’ In real life, finding the perfect sitting spot with your lover is hard to find because there’s just too much going on with jutting shoulders, pointy elbows and painful couches.


But not many of us know that some radical furniture designers are up to the challenge of removing awkwardness and boosting comfort and romance between lovers. Here are just some of their flirtatious ideas that might just work:


Rocking chair by Markuss Krauss

Rocking chair by Markuss Krauss

This armchair-slash-rocking chair will help lovers sway away the afternoon lazily gazing into each others’ eyes.


 ‘Loopita Bonita’ for outdoors by Victor Aleman

‘Loopita Bonita’ for outdoors by Victor Aleman

This patio lounge chair with a romantic twist is perfect to while away afternoons beside the pool. The Loopita Bonita lounge chair is also great for sleepy couples who want to see their lovers’ face first whenever they open their eyes.


 ‘Loopita Bonita’ for indoors by Victor Aleman

‘Loopita Bonita’ for indoors by Victor Aleman

Those who would like a little bit more privacy can derive maximum pleasure from the Loopita Bonita chaise lounge for indoors. Like its lounge chair cousin, it offers a great view of the love of your life.

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