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10 most romantic Chairs

Garden love seat by the Sofa & Chair Company

Garden love seat by the Sofa & Chair Company

Lovers can take modesty to a relaxed level with this garden love seat. A small divider ensures the lovers still have space of their own. But the shared ottoman means there is still room for playful footsies.


Hugging chair

Hugging chair

This hugging chair is perfect for lovers who want to get closer without having to carry each others’ weight. Scoot a little more closer to get better angles for holding and caressing.


 ‘Love Seats’ by Bruce Dow

‘Love Seats’ by Bruce Dow

While not exactly built with practical use in mind, just imagine what possibilities this kind of chair can bring to lovers who have a penchant for experiments.


Flexi-love seat by FlexibleLove UK

Flexi-love seat by FlexibleLove UK


This sofa-slash-nest can be expanded and moved to any position lovers want to get maximum comfort. The design is based on the bee’s honeycomb: flexible materials allow it to be molded into different shapes.


Have you come across any creative love seats or chairs? Which of these love

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