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10 ways to beat cough the natural Way

by FFE News Staff



When the nerves in the airways between our throat and lungs get irritated by bacteria, pollen and other things, coughing happens.


While coughing sometimes serve to indicate the presence of serious illnesses, chronic coughing isn’t often counted as a health issue. Most complain of the cough’s ability to interfere with sleep and quiet places rather than the side effects that come with it like chest pain.


Our first remedy is to buy over-the-counter medicines. But experts say this is a waste of money, saying some of their ingredients do not work. What then is the best remedy for cough? We might want to listen more to home-grown advice as they also work best.


Here are some natural remedies to the annoying cough:


Honey cough syrup. Science has backed up the claim that honey can treat cough and sore throat. Honey can be taken as is, or mixed with coconut oil and lemon juice to up the benefits. Bourbon mixed with honey, a fave of grandmoms, also work.


Thyme tea. Thyme is an approved treatment for coughs in Germany. Thyme leaves are packed with compounds that can soothe tracheal muscles. This can be made by crushing the leaves and mixing them in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Honey and lemon can add to the flavor.

Hot shower. Steam can soothe the airways and relieve the sinuses, throat and lungs of congestion and phlegm. Those who have asthma are not advised to try this.

Black pepper and honey tea. This mix works for wet coughs as black pepper can stimulate the flow of mucus. To make this, add one tablespoon of freshly ground pepper mixed with two tablespoons of honey in boiling water. Steep the mixture for 15 minutes then strain before drinking.

Take lots of fluids. Teas and water can help thin out mucus and keeps irritated membranes moist.

Cough drops. The coughing reflex can be tamed with the help of these minty drops.

Suck a lemon. Sprinkle a slice of lemon with salt and pepper, then pucker up and suck. You can also squeeze the lemon juice and let it simmer with water for a few minutes in a pan. Drink with a good measure of honey to sweeten the taste.

Commercial tea. Some teas sold in stores have ingredients that also serve as cough remedies.

Licorice. Licorice candy soothes inflamed throats. An ounce of candy licorice steeped for 24 hours in a quart of boiling water can be used to ease coughing.

Ginger. Eastern medicine views ginger as a miracle worker for colds and flu. Its antihistamine and decongestant properties can also relieve coughs. Simmer 12 slices of fresh ginger in three cups water, then strain. Add honey or squeeze lemon to improve the taste.




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