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1936, the code to hack the German slot Machines

16apr germany slot machines 2

A German slot machine maker is in hot water right now after the slot machines his company manufactured had been exploited through a software glitch.


CEO Paul Gauselmann is facing around €10 million in damages after thieves emptied hundreds of casinos across Germany, with some losing as much as €100,000 overnight.


According to reports by newspaper Der Spiegel, the video-roulette machines dispensed money when the combination ‘1936’ was punched before the lever was pulled down. It was likely that the code had been sold on the Internet for money, leading to a co-ordinated and wide scale exploitation of the machines in many casinos.


16apr germany slot machines


Gauselmann’s company is said to have distributed around 100,000 units to clients around the country. Company representative Mario Hofmeister defended Gauselmann, saying they are not liable to paying damages since the machines were used in an unauthorised manner.


Der Spiegel reported that the theft happened in February.



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