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2013 best city goes to London

by FFE EU News staff

Paris retains the ‘most visited city in the world’ title. However, the French capital has just been dethroned by cross-Channel rival London as the ‘best city in the world.’

The latest Anholt-GFK City Brands Index list showed Paris on the third spot behind London and Sydney, and surveyors said the French must take heed. But aghast Parisians still have something to boast since the City of Lights bested other favourites like New York, Rome and Vienna.

The City Brands Index measured the reputation of the cities using six indicators: international status and standing; safety, affordable accommodation and public amenities or ‘pre-requisites;’ aesthetics; people; economic and educational potential and things to do or ‘pulse.’ It polled 5,140 people from Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Russia, South Korea, the US and the UK.

According to the Anholt-GFK City Brands Index, the Top Ten World’s Best Cities are:

  1. London
  2. Sydney
  3. Paris
  4. New York
  5. Rome
  6. Washington D.C.
  7. Los Angeles
  8. Toronto
  9. Vienna
  10. Melbourne

Paris bagged the top spot for pulse, but scored low for people and safety. Independent policy advisor Simon Anholt said that Paris city chiefs and stakeholders should take this as a warning.

GfK senior vice president and director Xiaoyan Zhao added that economy may have affected the city’s standing, saying ‘Paris has shown one of the three largest declines on the Potential Index, together with two other capital cities mired in economic crisis – Madrid and Tokyo.’

Some speculators said that the rise of London over Paris is the effect of the 2012 Olympics and the birth of royal baby Prince George. The cross-Channel ‘rivalry’ began when Paris’ bid for the 2012 Olympics was dashed by London.

While Parisians may be disappointed with the results of the Index, authorities may not be surprised as they are in the process of stepping up the local travel industry. Tourist chief François Navarro said that the city has adopted a campaign which aims to ‘improve [tourist] experience even more.’

Part of the campaign includes training restaurant-owners, museum staff and shopkeepers on cultural differences among nationalities.



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