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4 creative lighting tricks for a vibrant Home

Having our own home is a dream of a lot of Filipinos when we move to Europe. But not many of us will be prepared for the seeming short days and long nights that cast a spell especially over those living in countries situated in the northern hemisphere of the region. Sun hours are variable all over the region, but only a few are fortunate to live in areas that are as sunny as the Philippines.


Those who have just moved to the northern hemisphere will soon be familiar with the gloom of cloudy, moonless or starless nights. How can anyone counter this gloom that increases feelings of loneliness and homesickness?


Creative lighting


Lighting up the home during these dark nights can excite and draw our minds away from the gloom. Creative lighting is not only fun to look, they are also fun to plan and install around the house.


There are plenty of items that can be used for indoor lighting. Try these following creative lighting tricks to revive your home:


Be creative with paper lanterns


1. Simple lanterns made of paper can give rooms and hallways a personal touch. There are plenty of papers that can be used ranging in thickness, colour and texture. Doubling or increasing the layers or even cutting out shapes from the paper lantern will also produce shadows that will cast a beautiful patterned effect on a room.
Paper lanterns may be formed using wooden frames or metal wires and papers that are available from crafts or book shops. They are especially ideal for pendant lights.



You’ll be suprised with what watering cans can do


2. Mood lighting with watering cans or similar water vessels and containers will look great for low-intensity lighting around the house. Aside from adding an exciting twist to your home, the cans and containers can be moved around to create colour schemes and a unique look to rooms every night.


Buy many watering cans so that the colour scheme can be changed depending on the preferred mood. When using this technique, get bulbs that do not heat up easily.


Christmas lights are not only for Christmas


3. Christmas lights are convenient and come in many shapes, colours and sizes. Hanging or displaying Christmas lights in the most unconventional ways will make them look attractive and special.


Christmas lights in a jar!


Using Christmas lights to light up rooms also keeps them from being tucked away and gathering dust for the most part of the year. Take them out and use your imagination to give these lights     an exciting twist.


Write a name on the wall by mounting the lights on thumbtacks. Place them in a jar and let them glow on the corners of rooms. String them around branches and hang them as chandeliers… the possibilities are endless!