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5 Creative Christmas Trees

Christmas Day is just around the corner. While a lot of people are already done with their decorations and are preparing for the parties and get-togethers, some may still be looking for that one unique twist to add to this year’s Christmas Day.


Look no further than the Christmas tree! The Christmas tree tradition is said to have started in Germany. But in the modern age, who’s to stop us from trying new things out for our home to surprise house guests and to inspire them to be more creative themselves?


Here are some creative Christmas trees that have been built by those who like to think out of the box.


Christmas tree books




Combine creativity with a touch of genius by creating Christmas tree books. Books are great substitutes for the common spruce and fir trees because they can be stacked to follow the shape of traditional trees.




Are you a book lover? You can stack small pocket novels to big encyclopoedia collections to create different-sized Christmas trees. Turn the spines outside so that guests can read your favourite titles and pique their interest. Who knows? Maybe you may even share your love of books to your friends.


2-D Christmas trees





Is there not enough space on your apartment? Make use of the wall by getting a 2D Christmas tree. There are many ways to build your own 2D Christmas tree. You can opt for easy-to-remove vinyl wall stickers or decals.




It’s easy to play with the shape and colour of the tree thanks to a multitude of options.




Another way to make a 2D Christmas tree is to string up pieces of driftwood and hang them on the wall. Then hang your usual Christmas decorations and play with the lights to complete a charming look.


Suspended Christmas trees





Why don’t you hang your Christmas tree for a change? Suspended Christmas trees or mobiles look unearthly although they can be constructed using simple Christmas decorations like green or white balls. Try a combination of different Christmas balls styles to make more unique suspended trees.




You can also use items you already have at home like drying racks and transform them into trees by hanging Christmas decorations on their hands.

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