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5 reasons why underdogs can succeed at Work

Sociologist and serial entrepreneur Anna Akbari, Ph.D. had felt she was an underdog in life because of certain factors many people would label as a ‘disadvantage.’ She grew up in a poor, single-parent family. Racism was also a key factor she linked to repeated rejection and failure.



However, she said that being an underdog isn’t a plea for sympathy. It is rather an invitation to triumph.


Motivational speaker and journalist Malcolm Gladwell argued that underdogs experience ‘desirable difficulties’ that can help them adapt life’s lessons to work habits.


Here are just some reasons why underdogs can succeed in the workplace:


Underdogs are less likely to take things and people for granted

Since underdogs have experienced many downs in their life, they are more likely to appreciate the smallest things.

Gratitude is an ingredient to happiness, and being happy can affect the attitudes of co-workers. This attitude also helps underdogs develop an optimistic view of life.


Underdogs have rich imaginations

Improvisation and thinking out of the box are traits that come naturally to underdogs who have felt disadvantaged in life.

Having a rich imagination is important in the business sphere as this leads to innovation that transforms how work is down and what is produced.


Underdogs are great observers

Underdogs who have felt like outsiders in communities can detect details more minutely. This makes them very keen observers, and having them in a team will give a business a competitive edge against others.


Underdogs are not scared to take risks

By leading a life with fewer safety nets, underdogs are trained to feel like they don’t have much to lose. This enables them to traverse life’s challenges confidently and develop much-needed business traits like perseverance, tenacity and strength of character.


Underdogs are very hungry

Underdogs have an inner drive to excel and work towards their goals. This comes from the desire to change their lives for the better and defeat past fears.



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