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5 Simple tips for a smooth holiday with the Kids


Traveling with children is always a memorable experience for parents. Holidays spent swimming by the sea side or camping by the mountain terrains not only brings the family closer but also creates memories to last a lifetime. Sounds peachy right? Of course all these good news happens afterwards. What some parents fail to remember is that traveling with children, albeit wonderful, could also be difficult. Long-haul flights or travel journeys often take a toll on the children’s attention and patience.


Tantrums and frequent toilet breaks might wear parents down and in some cases cause embarrassment when in front of other families. In short, sometimes bringing the children can prove to be more challenging and stressful than it was staying at home. However, there are solutions to every problem. Parents need only to know a few guidelines and do some preparations to make sure that traveling with children becomes hassle-free, and that the exciting family holiday would indeed be an exciting family holiday. Here are some essential tips and guidelines in planning your holiday with the kids:




1. Choose an appropriate destination and activities. If you can help it, you can opt for destinations that are closer to home and do not involve more than a day’s travel. This will lessen the restlessness of children. Depending also on their age, make sure that your destination and activities are not too strenuous or too fast-paced for them to handle.


2. Talk to them about your trip. Before the trip, take a couple of days to tell the children where the family is going and what to expect in the course of your journey. Tell them interesting trivia and show them photos of your destination. In doing so, you are slowly familiarizing them so they may adapt positively to new territories and experiences. Not to mention educating them more about the world!


3. Prepare all appropriate documents. If you are traveling abroad make sure you research about all the necessary legal documents your child. Families are often not allowed to board the plane and proceed with their travel because of incomplete travel documents or other supporting papers required in some destinations. Allot 4-6 weeks before your holiday to prepare these documents (passport, birth certificate, etc.) and make sure you have extra copies.



4. Pack a reserve of toys and gadgets. Children have short attention span. The need to entertain them is very important especially when inside a flight cabin or a rolling vehicle where there is nowhere else to escape. To distract them from the long travel time, have bag full of their favourite story books, toys, puzzles, electronic games, etc. nearby.


5. Have proper medication with you at all times. Due to the change of environment and temperature, children are often more susceptible to illness when traveling. Sneezing, motion sickness, fever, itchy eyes, allergies, diarrhea, insect bites, etc. can affect your children’s overall health, well-being and attitude towards the holiday. Make sure you bring a handy medical kit or pill case with you in case these emergencies occur or if you’ve noticed minor symptoms already. Another precautionary method is to check that your family is up to date on your routine vaccinations and check with your travel medicine provider or your doctor if there are required vaccinations when traveling to your chosen destination. No parent wants to see their children sick and no family wants to be kept indoors when on holiday.



6. Calm them with prohibited snacks. Not only do snacks fill the bellies of children but, just like toys, they keep them amused and busy. To avoid a meltdown during long haul  flights offer them some goodies that you normally regulate or you normally allow them to eat only on rare occasions. 


Carry with you a bag full of small portioned, ready-to-eat, snacks that they can eat anywhere and anytime. Also pick the snacks that are mess-free, if possible. You wouldn’t want to be wiping chocolate stains all over your dress.


Now that you know the essential tips when traveling with children, there’s really nothing else left to do but plan the next trip and look forward to a hassle-free holiday with your loved ones.

Do you have other tips you can share with other readers on making your holiday an enjoyable one? Do you have some unforgettable experiences travelling with the little ones? Share you thoughts, write about it on the comment box below.



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