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5 steps to de-clutter and beautify your bathroom

The bathroom is a sanctuary. We can have it all to ourselves, without interruptions and distractions. That is until the bathroom becomes a mess of unused and misplaced items!

Fortunately, you can get back your peaceful bathroom by just following five easy steps to de-clutter and beautify your bathroom.

1. Make a list

Start the beautifying process by clearing out shelves, cupboards, hampers and all surfaces and sort all bath items into groups. Note down items that belong to the bathroom and items that have nothing to do with the bathroom, like excess toys. Take note of items you would want to put in, like a magazine rack for the loo or small plants for toilet table tops or shelves.

2. Out with the old, in with the new

Throw out junk! Don’t keep things just because you may need it in the future. Chances are if they have been untouched they may never be touched. Check makeup and medicine expiration dates. Equipment that are not working should be repaired or replaced. Small samples, hotel complementary, worn and duplicate items should also be pitched!

Additional tips for tidying up your bathroom are to buy cordless electronic beauty and health appliances to rid you of the nasty cables, get additional bags to group all toys together, add small wastebasket and hamper for old clothes

3. Racking it up

This is where the fun begins! Now that you have an inventory of bathroom essentials, it’s time to consider improving the interior hardware. Think about replacing or upgrading old, out-of-date items to spruce up the interiors. While you’re at it, you can even consider doing some paint job and change the color of the walls or adding a lively trim to the cupboards. Personalise your bathroom’s looks to suit your mood. Most importantly, add new shelves, racks, towel bars and handles along walls that can still accommodate items.

4. The small stuff

Small trays and containers for flat surfaces are a good idea to store soaps, moisturisers and similar items. Add a cup holder to store toothbrushes and toothpastes. Trays or bags for makeup and equipment like blow dryers also keep these items separate and easy to find.

5. Labels and more labels

Now that you’ve grouped your items and improved the interiors, it’s time to label where they should go. Label medicine cupboards surfaces or bags reserved for meds, makeup and other dental essentials like floss and brushes. Trays for hair products, soaps and other bathing items should be separated and labeled. Towels and cleaning items should be stored in separate corners of a cupboard.

Clutter can also be the result of messy combinations of color and shape. When buying items or installing containers, try following a certain theme or color to create a unified look. For families, assigning colors to each member also helps label personal items inside the shared bathroom.

Finally, add other improvements like lighting. A well-lighted bathroom can add wonders to its looks. It takes a few days to get used to the new set-up. But if you plan to keep it right, it’s better to be consistent.

                Share some of your personal bathroom de-cluttering and beautifying secrets by commenting below!



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