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5 Unforgettable Filipino Love Teams

Rico and Claudine

Rico and Claudine


The Rico Yan and Claudine Barretto love team was the image of a picture perfect relationship during the mid-90s to early 2000. Both looked down-to-earth, beautiful and very happy together, which is why plenty of fans related to and fell in love with their stories. The industry’s rising baby and the girls’ ‘Crush ng Bayan’ were joined as an onscreen couple beginning 1996. But although they were very convincing on screen, both were still dating different people during the early part of their tandem.


Rico and Claudine in their final movie together, Bot 2 Believe

Rico and Claudine in their final movie together, Bot 2 Believe


No words are needed for us to feel the tenderness shared by the couple in this clip from the famous ‘Mula Sa Puso’ series


Real life romance began to blossom after their 90’s hits ‘Flames the Movie’ and ‘Madrasta.’ It was in the set of ‘Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita’ that the two finally turned their onscreen chemistry to real romance, exciting loyal fans while at the same time earning the ire of critics. Their final movie together, ‘Got 2 Believe’ symbolised the sincerity of their love for one another. Got 2 Believe became an anthem for the early 2000 as it was also Rico’s farewell movie.

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