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5 Unforgettable Filipino Love Teams

Kim and Gerald

Kim and Gerald


They were young and they had the whole world ahead of them. The Kimerald tandem stuck in our hearts and minds because we watched how the love between the pair blossomed while they were still inside bahay ni Kuya in Pinoy Big Brother: Teen Edition. What was different about their romance was that, even from the very beginning, the love they felt for each other was grounded on real life. Fans rooted for them inside the house; they still felt the same urge to fight for the couple after Big Brother closed his doors on them and the wild world of showbiz adopted the pair.


Kim and Gerald in their movie 'Paano Na Kaya'

Kim and Gerald in their movie ‘Paano Na Kaya’


Watch how Kim and Gerald playfully tease each other in this clip inside bahay ni Kuya


The pair’s team up was developed onscreen with TV shows and movies like ‘Paano na Kaya’ and ‘Till my Heartache Ends.’ However special Kim and Gerald treated each other, they denied they were boyfriend and girlfriend until the shocking break-up that finally split the love team. Kimerald was never the same again as they were never paired again. Their relationship has also been mired by controversy surrounding the real reason behind the break-up. But Kimerald endures because the actors represented a young generation that believed in playful love and an older generation which saw their love story mirrored by the two.


Which of the five love teams are your favourites? What is your favourite love team moment, movie or TV series? What other love teams do you think should be included in this list? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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