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Why 500 students are not going on summer holiday in Sarangani

14apr sarangani reading problem
Around 500 high school pupils are about to ditch 15 days of their summer break to help save Sarangani province’s future.


What do they plan to do? These volunteers are going to help Grade 2 pupils overcome their reading problems.


Sarangani has long struggled with low school attendance and drop-outs. In a 2007 status report, around 25% of children aged 6-16 were not in school. Lumads, or members of the indigenous communities, comprised a great percentage of those who do not make it to college.


One main reason for this is failure in reading.


In a bid to help their fellow kababayans improve their chances in school and in their future careers, 500 pupils from the province are sacrificing 15 days of their summer break until 30 April to help Grade 1 teachers in Sarangani mentor Grade 2 pupils with reading problems.


The government-funded programme is called Quality Education for Sarangani Today and Tomorrow (Quest2) and is part of the bigger project called Reading is Fun.


Aside from helping pupils with their reading skills, Sarangani Education Consultant Dans Evans explained that Quest2 aims to help more pupils stay in school. ‘The big challenge of the province is to get more children into school,’ he said.


The programme will be covering 20 public schools identified by the Department of Education.


Quest2 is the expanded version of Quest (Quality Education for Sarangani Today), a literacy project that began in Sarangani province in 2007. Quest has already helped more than 27,000 become better readers. It has been named Galing Pook Awardee and has the support of RockEd, a community of artists that advocates alternative education.





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