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7 apps for the James bond inside you

How many times have you snapped a photo of some hipster’s pink beard on the subway? How often do you send racy pictures to your husband during his business trips? How many times have you wondered whether your teenager was smoking pot on the Williamsburg Bridge or visiting his grandma in Queens?

While we’re not advocating sinister, paranoid behavior (take a hike, stalkers), sometimes it’s helpful and downright fun to act like James Bond. And it turns out, you don’t need all the slick gadgets to do it.

These seven iPhone and Android apps will get you started, secret agent-style.

1. Sneakypix

Ever been waiting on the train platform, minding your business, only to glance to your left and find yourself face-to-face with a grown-up nose picker? In this day and age, our first inclination is to snap a discreet photo. Sneakypix makes it appear as if you’re on a phone call, but instead, aim your camera lens at the nasal aficionado and the app will fire off a series of stealth photos or video.


2. Record My Call

Although plagued with inconsistent reviews, Record My Call claims to chronicle both your incoming and outgoing phone calls, for your later reference. The only catch is you need to activate speaker phone, since the app records from the microphone. Not very sly.

Price: FREE


3. Snapchat

The developers of Snapchat had a very specific idea in mind: smart sexting — that is, if such a scenario exists. With Snapchat, photo texts “self-destruct” after 10 seconds on the screen. Bonus: The app notifies the sender if the recipient takes a screenshot.*

*Legal counsel not included.

Price: FREE


4. GPS Tracking Pro

A great option for concerned creeper moms, GPS Tracking Pro maps friends and family members in real time. A handy checkin feature alerts stalkers — ahem, parents — that loved ones have arrived safely at their destinations.

Price: FREE


5. Spy Recorder

Surreptitiously schedule secret audio recordings on your smartphone with Spy Recorder. The app will discreetly activate audio recording at pre-determined times and dates or when you enter a certain location. Perfect for secret agents, see?

Price: $1.99


6. ReconBot

Similar to Spy Recorder, ReconBot schedules your phone to activate video recording on command. You can even set your screen to browser mode or black for more clandestine taping.

Price: $2.99


7. Spy Cams

Although the legality seems dubious, Spy Cams connects you to hundreds of live video feeds around the world. The App Store warns “Infrequent/Mild Sexual Content or Nudity” and “Infrequent/Mild Realistic Violence,” but you probably already guessed that, right?

Price: FREE


(By Stephanie Buck)



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