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7 eating tips to curb holiday weight Gain

by FFE PH News Staff


No matter where we are in the world, Filipinos can’t celebrate Christmas without Noche Buena, a traditional feast held at the eve of Christmas. But since Christmas tends to be a family affair, the feastings doesn’t just stop with Noche Buena, making it difficult for us to maintain our weight.

So how do we stop from overindulging and watch our weight this season? Here are some tips:


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1. Take only your favourites. Eat only those favourites which you haven’t had for a long time. Craving for a cousin’s delicious paella? Want to take a plate of embutido? Go ahead, indulge yourself in moderation and skip the rest of the food fare.


2. Eat before eating out. We have the tendency to overindulge when eating out in restaurants. The trick here is to get to the restaurant with a half-full stomach to avoid the tendency to fill up your plate once there.



3. Keep a food diary. You can write or find a fitness app like My Fitness Pal to keep track of your food. Calculate calorie intake, and promise to shed off the same number of calories once the holiday fever settles.


4. Do not skip meals. Skipping meals can actually make you feel hungrier and prompt you to overindulge in your next meal.

5. Stay active. Go outdoors for a walk or a quick run. If it’s too cold outside, look for a gym or do simple indoor exercises you can accomplish at home. Joining a sport club or a sport activity group in your neighborhood, such as running, cycling or even dancing groups can also help push you to maintain the routine.

6. Don’t forget your goal. We can get distracted when we eat because feasts are always a social event. We often tend to keep on filling our plates. Force your mind into focus and watch what you are eating while juggling conversations around the table.




7. Replace traditions. Look for healthier alternatives to replace calorie-rich food. You can also change your feast-focused holiday to an activity-focused holiday by going sledding, skating or skiing.

There are many ways we can maintain our ideal weight this season. All it takes is focus and to remember our goal!




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