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7 scariest places on Earth

It’s scare season again – for some tourists, this means a visit to the creepiest places on Earth. Find out which ones attract the most tourists around the world.

Aokigahara, Japan

Also known as the ‘Sea of Trees’, Aokigahara is a forest at the foot of Mount Fuji. Statistics say that about 50 people commit suicide in the woods every year, and it is a common site of annual body searches by police.

The dense trees of Aokigahara are related to the Japanese’s belief on mythological demons, which only brave souls can face at night.

Underground Catacombs, France

Beneath the busy and bustling streets of Paris lies a creepy tomb of some 6 million people. The underground ossuary is what remains of former stone mines that became a tourist destination since the 19th century.

Death railway, Thailand-Myanmar

This old, rusted railway that connects Bangkok, Thailand and Yangon, Myanmar has a very brutal history. It was built by the Japanese in 1943 through forced labour, and thousands of workers and prisoners of war died while building the railway because of starvation, over-fatigue, accidents and shocking working conditions.

Island of the Dolls, Mexico

Hundreds of dirty, dilapidated dolls hanging from trees and buildings on this island can definitely give one the creeps. The caretaker of this island in Xochimilco was said to have gone mad after living on the island. However, others say the spirit of a girl who drowned in the island haunted the area, and that the caretaker hung the dolls to keep her spirit away.

Takakanonuma Greenland Amusement Park, Japan

This park was built in the ‘70s but was said to be demolished in 2006. However, a British tourist swore he visited the park in 2007 and even took photos of the place. Only one photo came out successfully – a young girl standing by the park’s entrance. The tourist said he never saw that girl.

Bran Castle, Romania

Bram Stoker’s famous ‘Dracula’ was real, and he lived in Bran Castle in Romania. Vlad III of Wallachia, also known as ‘The Impaler,’ was a cruel ruler during the time of the Ottomans and was said to have murdered 10,000 people during his rule. Vlad was said to take pleasure in torturing his victims – impalement was his preferred method of execution.