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7 ways to burn off Christmas calories

Feasts cannot be avoided during the Christmas season as families and friends get together to celebrate the year. Who could not resist that slice of that delicious Christmas pudding, a spoonful of crème brûlée or a bite of Christstollen?


While everyone’s having fun with the food fare, it just seems so wrong not to enjoy the occasion in a similar way. But we end up eating less healthy than we promised to. According to a survey the average adult puts on 4lbs after eating twice more than usual between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day. This is equivalent to a staggering 8,000 calories!


No worries though, as there are many ways to burn off these Christmas calories:




Christmas shopping. Don’t want to hit the exercise machine? Then get out and shop! Research said shopping can burn 1,750 calories per 10 hours. One study found that the average Brit can walk under 20 miles for Christmas shopping. Another study said that mums and dads buying gifts spend 9 days and 15 hours researching and shopping for gifts.


Wrapping gifts. Simply covering the gifts we bought this Christmas can already burn off 105 calories per hour. This may be a small amount, but multiplied by 3 hours, the average time it takes for parents to wrap gifts, then that adds up to a sizable amount.


Inviting guests over. We can already hit two birds with one stone by hosting Christmas get-togethers. Two hours devoted to preparing our home for guests can help us burn 489 calories. Meanwhile, cooking and baking the food can burn 175 calories per hour, provided we don’t do all the eating in the process.




Dancing. With all the parties that are going to happen from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day, everyone who loves to dance will also have all night long to burn calories. 30 minutes of dancing can burn 165 calories.


Walking, running or jogging. Winter is a good time to walk, run or jog around the block because there are fewer people outdoors and the weather is crisp and cool. Brisk walking can burn 230 calories per 30 minutes while running and jogging can burn 295 at the same rate.


Biking. If you’re not up to walking, then cycling is also a great workout to do that can shed off Christmas calories. A 30-minute cycle at more than 10mph can burn 295 calories.


Gardening. Love the outdoors and have a green thumb? Then touching up the garden and preparing a new look for next year can help you get rid of excess calories. Gardening is a leisurely and moderate activity, but it can burn an impressive 330 calories per hour.


These activities are all light physical work but they have to be done consistently so they will work more effectively. It’s easier to eat than to shed off excess calories, so we must be constantly motivated to do them for our Christmas calorie regimen to be successful.


Do you have other calorie burning tips to share? What are you doing to shed off excess weight gained this season? Leave your suggestions by commenting below!





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