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9 Effective Ways to Get Sick

Do what politicians do: Shake the hand of everyone you meet. Your friend who’s got a livestock farm, the newspaper delivery man, the postman, the supermarket sales clerk, the bank employee. They could all you give you enough germs to keep you sick for a while.

Never wash your hands ever. After using the toilet- most especially public loos, after changing your baby’s diaper, or after blowing your nose don’t wash your hands. Keep you hands dirty at all times. Go against the constant reminder of health practitioners and the health department and just keep them dirty.

Work in a preschool. If one child has a certain illness whether flu or a skin disease it spreads so fast to his or her classmates and teachers. Since these kids get sick on a regular basis, whatever illnesses they have are routinely spread to all those in school.

Hung out or Work in a hospital. The surest place to catch the hottest spreading disease is to frequent hospitals, by visiting all your sick relatives and friends or acquaintance, or working in a hospital. The omnipresence of hand sanitizer in all corners of a hospital is a testament of the threatening existence of germs all over the place.

Touch anything and everything in your doctor’s waiting room. The most effectiveclinics are those of your kid’s paediatrician. Germs could be sitting on the toys shared by all the sick kids that wait for their turn to see the doctor. The magazines are the most tempting ones and also one of the best places to collect germs.

Eat Old Food. Eating old food offers you all the bacteria that could lead to upset stomach or diarrhea to food poisoning. Depending on the food that you consume, the effects on your body varies in intensity. Eating old pork meat or dish could be really fatal for example.

Skip Sleep. Don’t keep the normal number of sleeping hours your body needs and you are guaranteed to have weaker immune system and make yourself ultra vulnerable to varied diseases and illnesses ranging from a simple cold to urinary tract infection or worse.

Go Out of the House under dressed for the weather.  Go out with a mere t-shirt and jeans in the start of spring, or venture into the open without a scarf or gloves at the height of winter, you would definitely be assured at least of a stuffy nose and the annoying colds when you get home.

Eat the leftover food of your sick child.  Because they are sick we tend to spoil them by buying them all the delicious and expensive food. Unfortunately since they are sick they do not have much appetite. Eating their leftovers would guarantee you instantly to have what your kid is suffering from.

Hopefully we got your attention, so if you want to avoid something really dreadful the following day, you can pick one or two of the ways of getting sick to have an excuse to be tied to your bed. However if you are just like most normal individuals, who hate getting sick and rather enjoy life to the fullest don’t do those things we just mentioned.




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