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91-year-old Frenchman finds Soulmate

by FFE EU News Staff




Many seniors today are using the classifieds or tapping the internet to look for potential mates in their twilight years. But not Roger-Marc Grenier, who came up with a simpler idea of attracting a life partner.


The 91-year-old widower put a sign in his garden in Libourne advertising his desire. He wrote in French ‘Because of a death, I’m seeking a woman, to live together. 70-80 years old. With or without a car’ and ended the sign with his phone number.


Eight months after the day he erected the sign, his soulmate rang his phone. 86-year-old Yolande of Arveyres talked to Grenier and the two arranged to meet at the same day. Grenier said ‘Many women called me, but there were lots who were completely worthless. When Yoyo called me, I got into the car right away.


‘I told her: “Listen, I’ll be at your place in ten minutes”. She waited for me in front of the gate. Obviously, she is quite old — you can’t have everything. But she is really, really great.’


Yolande meanwhile said ‘We got each other on the phone and he came over to my place very quickly. And then we came to an arrangement.’ Since then, Yolande, along with her dog Bianca and chickens, has moved in with Grenier.


Grenier said ‘The first day she arrived here, we slept in the same bed. We want to go back to family life, quite simply. ‘I met some women who wanted to spend the time just talking. But I want someone to accompany me, who I can count on. We walk the dog, we live a normal home life.’


While both are looking forward to a happily ever after, Yolande has one word of warning: ‘I told him all the same that if he gets on my nerves, I’ll go back to my apartment.’




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