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A seasoned traveler’s guide to in-flight etiquette

 Have you ever experienced being in a flight with a passenger who kept reclining his seat while you were eating your meal or kept playing loud music as you napped? Most of us have been victims of bad airplane etiquette or may have been guilty of being the annoying passenger. After all, being in close quarters for extended periods can take its toll on us.  However, we should not make this as an excuse to treat other with little respect. In fact, much of how we behave during flights is all about common sense or common courtesy. We have to remember that the way we treat others can make or break our in-flight experience.

Do not use some one else’s armrest and headphone plug outlet. Do not get other people’s reading material. Not only is it nosey and rude, but it violates personal space. Ask if you can borrow or make use of them first.

Be conscious of what you are watching. If you plan to watch a movie, keep in mind that your screen is visible to those behind you. Do not watch adult material (porn or violent material) especially if you know that children are seated Use the armrests as support when you get up. seats.

Ask the owners if you could move their belongings first when putting your bags in the overhead bins. Other people may not appreciate their bags being touched or moved especially when they have important or fragile items in it.

Drink alcoholic beverages moderately. Alcohol's impact is magnified at high altitude so be conscious of how much you are drinking.

Let those nearest the exit disembark the plane first. Wait forMany think how we behave in airplanes is not a serious matter. Some might not even care about getting into heated arguments with other passengers. However, do consider that depending on what we do, or failed to follow, airplane etiquette violations can be considered asMany assume that uncontrolled anger and violent tantrums constitute air rage, but technically, it is any disruptive or aggressive behavior committed by any one aboard an aircraft. Thus, air rage would also entail smoking on board, watching porn, having sex in the cabin or lavatory, unsolicited sexual advances of crewmembers and other passengers, loud or intoxicated behavior, spitting, swearing, public urination and defecation. All these can draw grave consequences.

Another example involves a businessman and female executive that met on a flight from Dallas to London. Drinking more than they should, the two stripped and had sex in business class despite reprimand from other passengers, the cabin crew and pilot. The executives were then fined heavily in British courts, became the butt of the joke of late night television shows, and were fired by their respective companies for unruly behaviour.

reminders as to why you should always practice proper in-flight etiquette.



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