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A sheep in deer’s clothing

by FFE EU News staff

In a farmer’s pasture in Norway, a baby deer does not mind that he doesn’t look like the rest of his flock.

The motherless deer grazes grass with the flock. Photo source: Per Henjum.

Per Henjum, a farmer in the Ardal mountains, said that a neighbouring farmer discovered the fawn last week. Erling Offerdal was bringing his flock down from the mountains for the winter. During the four-hour trek he noticed a fawn closely following one of the ewes and her two lambs.

Now, the fawn is grazing pleasantly with the rest of Offerdal’s flock in his winter pasture. The fawn is even occasionally seen suckling the mother ewe.

Henjum said he and Offerdal thought the deer was motherless and “then the sheep took care of him. He drinks milk from the sheep.”

Offerdal intends to feed the fawn through winter and keep it as an amusing addition to his flock. But he has yet to decide what to do with the deer when it becomes an adult.



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