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How to achieve a creative, clutter-free Closet

Closets can only be one of two things: organised or cluttered. Sometimes it’s tempting to leave our closets as is after a thorough rummaging for that missing shoe or that too-bold dress. But whether we reorganise now or later, we still cannot run away from chore of cleaning up after our own mess after a riotous search of the suitable dress for an important date or appointment.


The secret to keeping our closets perpetually spic and span is to have a method of organising we can stick to no matter what. Plus, it’s helpful if we go creative in our way of organising our clothes and other items. Anyway, there’s no way we can get bored if we have fun doing something.


So what can we do to make our closets more organised and appealing? Here are just some examples:


Use walls and doors




Who said clothes can only be stacked in horizontal piles? Bars, hooks and clips can be installed on the insides of closet doors or corner walls to accommodate and display more clothes. Use this tip to ‘store’ accessories like ties, caps, belts, scarves, and other items. By displaying them, you’re not only making them easier to find, they can also add a touch of colour and creativity to bare, drab walls.


Add lighting




Ever wonder why some of your clothes end up in the furthest crannies of your closet? It’s because we fail to spot them in the first place. The solution: introduce lighting. Try pin lights, spot lights, backlights on the ceiling and even more creative lighting techniques.


Match hangers and containers




Don’t add more clutter into your closet, and that includes mismatched hangers, clips and containers. Flimsy wire hangers should also be thrown out the window, as they can distort and cut through clothes. Get only sturdy, quality hangers that can easily withstand the weight of the heaviest pieces of clothing in your closet, like heavy winter clothes. Clear containers with colour coded covers also help you identify the items easily.


Like goes with like




Keep same items in the same area of your closet. Sweatshirts and coats can be grouped together, dresses with draping tops. Shoes should be shelved in a separate portion of your closet, or lined up on the floor. Accessories may be kept in smaller containers, or hung on hooks and bars on walls. Bags can line up the top-most shelf. If your blouses and shirts come in a variety of colours, hang them following a colour palate to make them look more attractive from afar.


Use a variety of storage units



To label clothes without having to literally mark them with pens, use various storage units like boxes, baskets, clear containers and even suitcases. Don’t be limited to these examples and explore more storage possibilities. These will add more colour and pattern possibilities to your closet.


Get cubbies for shoes




For those who are interested in shoes, a vertical cubby store pairs properly. Shoes can look cluttered on the floor or in just some corner of the closet. Using cubbies can make the shoes all look generally the same and more organised. They also make searching and storage faster.


Do you have other tips and creative tricks to make your closet look more attractive and organised? Share your personal ideas by commenting below!




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