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Ai-Ai proud of sharing her hush-hush procedure

15may ai ai femilift



Comedienne Ai-Ai delas Alas has been the centre of media attention for the past few days for saying she feels ‘Like a virgin’ after undergoing medical group Belo’s new procedure for women.


FemiLift, a non-surgical procedure that restores damaged tissues inside ladies’ nether regions, has raised a lot of eyebrows among the Filipino public, especially considering how Ai-Ai was very optimistic of its effects to her love life.


Many feel that the topic is too sensitive and comes across as too much information for the public to know about. Reactions to the news ranged from revulsion to ridicule, showing that the public may not be ready to accept this procedure.


However, as an endorser for Belo, Ai-Ai said in a press conference last Tuesday that she feels comfortable talking about the issues involving the hush-hush procedure because it reflects real conditions women face with their partners.


She said ‘Eto yung buhay ng babae, buhay ng may-asawa. Comfortable ako pag-usapan ‘to kasi it will help a lot of women na nagkakaroon ng problem and yung mababa yung confidence level nila.


The comedienne said that the procedure gives husbands or boyfriends no reason to cheat: ‘Wala nang dahilan na magloloko yung asawa mo or yung boyfriend mo.’ More importantly, for Ai-Ai the procedure has led her to ’feel better.


Now that she has become FemiLift’s spokesperson, Ai-Ai has a great opportunity to talk about women’s concerns regarding sex and the woman’s body in a more mature and intelligent way. If she chooses her words well, she can change the public’s current opinion on the topic.


More than that, she can also prove that sensitive facts of life also have a place in media because they have wide and valuable implications to people’s lives.


Do you think Filipinos are ready for procedures like FemiLift? Share your thoughts below.



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