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Aiko and Jomari: lovelier the second time Around?

Aiko Melendez and Jomari Yllana’s relationship began and ended in a whirlwind.


The couple met on the set of the 1996 movie ‘Kahit Kailan.’ Two years later, they married in front of a judge then renewed their vows in church in 2000.


But what seemed like a perfect match turned sour so soon. The reason for Aiko and Jomari’s break-up in 2004 was an alleged third party that had progressed throughout their marriage. In their annulment records, Aiko cited ‘psychological incapacity’ as reason for the annulment.


Aiko’s search for love and fulfillment after the break-up would finally find peace 10 years later.  Today, the actress-turned-politician said she is finally happy that she has found direction in life: ‘I’ve found God and, at the end of the day, it’s just me and my God.’


But what else has this inner peace taught Aiko? That another chance at love is possible despite the pain of the past:


Aiko and Jomari: lovelier the second time Around?

‘Are we Dating again?;) lol @jomariyllana and I :) for the books :)


But more than just forgiveness, the years of self-reflection has taught Aiko, and even Jomari, to put things in perspective.


Aiko confessed that she and Jomari talked about the possibility of getting back together. But they knew that this time they would have to consider more than just their feelings if they want to make their relationship work: ‘Sabi ko [kay Jomari] ‘we really have to be sure kung ano ang gusto natin.


Sabi niya, “Mama, lahat ng tao gustong magkabalikan tayo. Kaya lang, kapag nagkabalikan tayo, kailangan wala ka nang topak sa ulo.


Baka mamaya may magawa akong mali, magba-backout na naman ang isa.


Hindi na puwede.


That ‘hindi na puwede’ reflects a level of maturity that knows to look before it leaps. But do Aiko and Jomari believe they were fated to be together? Their strong friendship today is a testament to their compatibility as a couple. There is also the love they share for their son Andre and Aiko’s daughter by ex-husband Martin Jickain, Marthena.


Aiko and Jomari: lovelier the second time Around?


Aiko and Jomari: lovelier the second time Around?


But is compatibility and responsibility enough to re-ignite a relationship? Time and maturity has taught the couple to look back before they look forward to a new chapter in their lives. Only time can tell if Aiko and Jomari will find happiness together.


Do you think Aiko and Jomari are fated to be together? Share your thoughts below!



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