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Airbus’ plan to add more seats too close for comfort?

Airbus’ plan to add more seats too close for comfort?

Economical factors catches up with French airplane manufacturer.


It’s going to be a crowded ride once Airbus pushes through with its plan of adding one more seat per row in its A380 jumbojet planes.


Airbus A380 is currently the world’s biggest passenger airliner, and the company announced it could get bigger as they introduce their 11-seat per row economy class section next week. The mock-up seating arrangement will be on display 8 to 10 April at the Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.


The new seating arrangement will see the three-seat window blocks raised a couple of inches and will add one more centre seat to create a five-seat middle row. Around 30 more seats will be added to the standard layout, helping airlines boost their economy class capacity by 7%.


Airbus candidly said that the company is launching the five-seat middle block to help boost airline revenues. Spokesman Justin Dubon said A380 sales had been disappointing in the EU. The new seat plan will help airlines economise by getting more passengers into a plane.


The spokesman revealed that one drawback to the new middle block will be that passengers sitting on the centre seat will have to climb over two people at both sides to exit. However, he assured the public that passenger comfort will not significantly decrease and that the current 18-inch width of seats will not be compromised.



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