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Alert chips to warn you when food is Expiring

by FFE Tech News Staff


foodIf this new technology in food packaging pushes through, expect to receive text messages from our food telling us to eat them.


The EU committee of peers in Netherlands reported that they heard some scientists are working on a revolutionary food packaging technology involving microchips. These chips will be inserted into the packets of perishable food and will be able to assess if the food is near its expiry date.


The news has reached the ears of British Environment minister Dan Rogerson, who has been told by committee chair Baroness Scott of Needham Market that one witness said ‘We’re quite close to commercial production of a small chip which would go into packaging which would measure the actual deterioration of the rate of food.’


The witness said that the best before dates that come with food packaging ‘assumes that everything’s equal. It just assumes that you all keep your food at the same temperature whereas this would actually respond to what the real conditions are.’


The minister has commented ‘I should be intrigued to know the range and amount of resource that would have to go into producing it.’


Meanwhile, the baroness quipped ‘I’m having enough trouble with my text messages without the fridge texting me. Realistic or not, it’s interesting to see where innovation can lead.’


This new technology, if it enters the market, will provide an innovative way for the public to avoid food wastage — a growing problem among EU countries. According to the EU Commission, around 89 million tonnes of food is wasted in the region every year. This has pushed them to declare 2014 as the European Year against Food Waste.


To address this growing problem, some individuals and groups have taken up radical solutions since last year. In Germany, some markets have started selling ‘ugly,’ unwanted fruit. In Denmark, a restaurant has been serving up food rejects from supermarkets. Meanwhile in crisis-hit Italy, more people are spending less on junk food and more on smarter food choices.




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