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Alice Dixson: Being imperfect is part of parenthood

9may alice dixson

Alice Dixson’s revelation that she hoped to be a mum someday just came in time for Mother’s Day. But what makes her revelation extra unique is that, unlike the usual wish among women to be the perfect mum for their kids, Alice embraces the fact that being imperfect is part of parenthood.


In an interview in TV5, the actress said she wants to be a mum someday who isn’t very strict to her kids. However, she also knows ‘minsan, hindi nangyayari iyon.’ She also knows that mothers are motivated to ‘try to correct the mistakes of our parents,’ but this plan may not always come to fruition.


Although childless from her previous marriage to businessman Ronnie Miranda, Alice is already privy to the hard lessons of motherhood. How? By being a devoted daughter to her mother, Socorro Dixson.


Alice revealed that her mum has Alzheimer’s disease, a form of progressive dementia. This means that she and her family are facing difficulties communicating to her. However, this doesn’t stop Alice and Socorro from making the most of their time together as mum and daughter.


It was Socorro’s dream for one of her children to enter showbiz, and Alice’s willingness and success continues to make her mother proud. ‘[Si Alice] ang pinakamabait, pinakatahimik,’ said Socorro. In her twilight years, Socorro holds on to her memories as the disease progresses, a feat which helped Alice realise that ‘We don’t have perfect moms and we’re not perfect children.’


But imperfection doesn’t stop her from loving her mum and for hoping that someday she will also give the kind of love a mother can only impart to her children.


What do you think about Alice Dixson’s wish to be a mother? Share your thoughts below.



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