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Anne Curtis is getting her body Beach-ready

With the heat of summer slowly creeping in every day, Anne is busy with a new pastime: hitting the gym.


Anne had been on full workout mode since her birthday mid-February to prepare for this year’s Century Tuna Superbods:


Anne Curtis is getting beach Body-ready

‘Still have to get rid of the birthday love handles I’ve gained! Gotta be beach body ready in time for Summer’


Anne Curtis is getting beach Body-ready

‘Hello, abs. Welcome back. I missed you last year. ARMS! You’re up next! #staymotivated #superbods I CAN DO THIS.’


Though the results of her workout are stunning, Anne admitted she is also tempted once in a while to break her routine, especially by food. In one post, she said ‘It’s crazy how when you eat anything wheat you instantly bloat! Specially the lower little bulge of the tummy! It’s sooooo hard to lose! One day it’s flat come evening it’s back again!’


But Anne lost no time to shed off the extra weight:


Anne Curtis is getting beach Body-ready

‘decided to workout double time. 13 days of working out with one rest day! Big pat on the back Anne! Hope I can inspire all you other ladies out there to keep your FIT resolution for this year!!!’


Anne had been progressing wonderfully until TV shootings began to cut down her workout time. She gave fans some very important workout advice on her Instagram: ‘That’s why it’s very important, if you can, eat healthy and sleep well… So you have the time and energy to stick to your fitness plan!’


Anne Curtis is getting beach Body-ready

‘Loss definitions already because I’ve had to veer away from sticking to my meal plan. I feel so guilty for cheating. Told you guys, I’m struggling too!!!! C’mon c’mon! We can do this!’


To tone her body, Anne is following the Plyometrics and Insanity workout programmes. Plyometrics or jump training is an explosive exercise that targets the legs and builds muscle power while Insanity targets cardio, core strengthening and the abs.


Anne is working out full time not only to get a beach bod. She’s also doing it to inspire Century Tuna’s latest Superbods endorser and fellow actor John Lloyd Cruz. JL will undergo a 6-week workout body boot camp with Superbods’ resident nutritionist and coach.


Anne Curtis is getting beach Body-ready


JL was supposed to join Century Tuna’s Superbods launch early this week, but was unable to attend because he figured in a biking accident during a shoot in Tarlac last 20 February. JL is now in good condition, and Anne hopes that his subsequent transformation through Superbods will inspire more men to get a healthier lifestyle: ‘Nakaka-inspire ‘yan for all the guys out there who think that they can’t work out.’


What do you think about Anne’s beach-ready body? Share your thoughts below.



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