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Anne Curtis talks about her bashers

by FFE Entertainment News staff

As one of the country’s biggest endorsers and entertainers, Anne Curtis is not immune to online bashing. Anne’s signature singing voice has been drawing attention in the entertainment world. She said “it makes me happy just knowing [the audience is having fun].”

But when asked how she copes with bashers, she simply said she learned the art of deadma: “I don’t mind [them and they stop eventually].” She also said that her fans were also there to defend her.

When asked what sort of criticism would hurt her the most, she confessed that anything that dealt with her family would irritate her. “I don’t mind [anything directed at] me, I don’t care,” she said.

She said that a person only has to block out bashers, saying it’s up to the person if he wants to give the basher his 5 seconds of fame.

She said bashing has been there even before Twitter was invented. As for her Twitter account, she said it was only full of “crazy things.” But she added that “when it calls upon my social responsibility, that’s when I’ll use that Twitter account.”

Meanwhile, Anne’s sister Jasmine Curtis Smith has made waves in the recently concluded Cinemalaya Festival. When asked if she was afraid Jasmine will soon rise above her, Anne said she was happy for her sister. She added that “you have to, she’s your baby, you want her to shine, so super push.”

Jasmine winning the best supporting actress category in Cinemalaya

She confessed to giving Jasmine a few acting tips, especially since her sister shared the screen with Irma Adlawan. She also said she encouraged Jasmine to keep on going by cheering for her and saying “ang galing mo, kayang-kaya mo yan” [you’re great, you can do that].

Anne said that Jasmine’s award-winning performance made her proud. She said she cried during Jasmine’s scenes, and was amazed by her stellar efforts in indie film especially since she hasn’t tried the genre.

“And I think it’s very, very hard for younger sisters when they’re joining the industry to make a mark for themselves,” Anne said.

When asked if she would like to join an indie film if given the opportunity, Anne said it depends on the script. She added “that’s why I’m very proud of Jasmine cause at such a young age, she was able to achieve that.”

Anne said Jasmine was very stressed during filming, especially since she was a beginner and was working with cast members who have already made a name for themselves. In addition, “it’s all in Hebrew, all of her lines that she had to learn.”


But she perfected her lines, and she enjoyed the whole experience, Anne said.



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