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Anti-racism group teaches French gov’t what to Do

by FFE EU News staff


Far-right magazine ‘Minute’ once again rocked French sensitivities when it released a cover headline that targeted Justice minister Christiane Taubira, comparing her to a monkey.

The inflammatory headline read ‘Crafty as a Monkey, Taubira gets her banana back.’ The new wave of racisms caught the UN’s attention this time — Rupert Colville, spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, condemned the slurs and urged politicians to speak out.

The release of the headline led to questions of how prevalent racism really is in France. The Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) has also led the charge for action against the new round of slurs. Chairman Louis-Georges Tin said ‘How many bananas does it take for a real plan against racism to be implemented?’

He focused on the need for government intervention, saying ‘What was surprising this week was not the magazine cover because that’s typical of the far-right, but rather the attitude of the government. Taubira has been attacked before this and it has done nothing.

‘The government talks about the need to react but in reality it does nothing.

‘It’s hard to get accurate figures to show how bad racism is in France. It’s hard to gauge the number of daily, silent acts like discrimination in the workplace or in the allocation of housing that take place.

‘What is really worrying is the lack of a reaction to it from those who oppose it. If it rains, you normally react and put an umbrella up, but the government in France is not putting up the umbrella to stop racism.’

After expressing his disappointment over government inaction, the chairman outlined a number of points the French government needed to adopt:

Appoint a minister against racism. The chairman noted that since the government had a minister who dealt with discrimination against the disabled, it was rational to appoint a minister who dealt with racism issues.

Implement the monitoring of stops made by police in order to tackle racial profiling. President Hollande has yet to deliver this promise.

Class-action lawsuits or legal action by a group  to launch proceedings against acts of discrimination.

An annual report on diversity in the workplace to monitor equality in job opportunities among blacks, whites, Arabs and other races.

Start a museum about slavery. This will help young people see where racist slurs are coming from and will help them understand the problem.

The chairman added ‘There are other countries where racism is worse than France, such as Greece and Italy, but the problem here is that we talk about being the founder of human rights, and so on.

‘So maybe the problem here is one of arrogance.

‘Racism is an illness, and needs to be healed.’



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