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Antoinette Taus: no turning back Now

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90s teleserye darling Antoinette Taus is back in the Philippines after 10 years of living in Los Angeles, and one of the first big decision she made since coming back is proof of how active she has become career-wise.


Comparing life in the States and life in the Philippines, Antoinette admitted in an interview with Philippine Star that ‘It’s easy to take things for granted here in the Philippines.’ This is because as a member of showbiz, she is blessed to be given projects.


But in the US, being passive and waiting for blessings does not lead to anything. As a recording artist in LA, she observed that everyone worked hard for their careers: ‘They really want you to gain experience, build contacts and develop close relationships with people.


‘You really see how hard everybody works for everything there.’


This active attitude towards her career led Antoinette to grab a sudden opportunity that came her way: she has recently signed a 3-year management contract with Viva Entertainment, which means movies, TV shows and even a recording album in the future.


Originally, Antoinette didn’t plan to stay long in the Philippines; she was only supposed to be having an extended vacation in her mom’s home country. However, when Viva’s Vic del Rosario approached her asking if she would be staying for good, Antoinette decided on the spot.


‘It just felt right,’ the actress said.


[I got] this feeling na, “Okay, binibigyan na kita ng sign na dapat dito ka muna. So take it, I’m guiding you towards this. If this is what will make you happy…”


Having an active work attitude is what Antoinette wants to imbibe as she picks up her showbiz career from where she left off 10 years ago. Her next goal: to get bolder, more challenging roles, hopefully with a kissing scene!




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