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Aquino gets thunderous applause in APEC

by FFE PH News staff

President Benigno S. Aquino’s statement saying that he may not pursue another term at the helm of the Philippines was met with cheers and applause at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) CEO Summit in Bali, Indonesia.

The president said he would ‘probably not’ serve another term to ‘ensure that growth continues in the Philippines.’ During the open forum, the Taiwanese businessman who posed the question noted how much the Philippines transformed under Aquino’s term.

By way of explaining the wisdom of his decision, the president recalled how one of his predecessors was ‘first elected in 1965, got reelected in 1969 and decided to stay until 1986.’

He said that term limits prevent presidents from the ‘temptation … to please the people all the time.’  Sticking with the term limit also encourages them to make an ‘unpopular decision’ that is ‘necessary for the future good.’

The president added that ‘If you are concerned about the next term, everything you do has to be in the backdrop of how to secure your next years in office.’ The applause came when he said that good governance and a strong economy were not enough reasons for a president to stay for another term.

‘The bosses ultimately are our people and they will decide and they will choose the person and the entity that will hopefully continue the policies we have instituted.’

Aquino was asked the most number of questions during the slot he shared with president Ollanta Humala of Peru.

When asked about Obama’s absence in the summit, Aquino said ‘We perfectly understand the situation. Stability in their economy promotes stability for the rest of the world’s economies.’



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