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Are Norwegians generally Trustworthy?

by FFE EU News staff


Norway’s daily Aftenposten wanted to test if Norwegians are trustworthy and honest. So they planted 20 ‘lost’ wallets in Oslo, Asker and Bærum to see how many would be returned.



The wallets had NOK 300 or around €36 in cash, a bank card, two calling cards with phone numbers, receipts and other items.


Aftenposten revealed that out of the 20 they dropped, 15 were returned with the bank card intact. In two instances, the finders granted themselves a reward of NOK 300. Another one felt that a finder’s reward of NOK 200 was enough. Most of those who returned the wallets also called 10 minutes after they were dropped.


The newspaper concluded that with a 75% chance of return, Norway is essentially trustworthy.


A separate global poll World Values Survey also revealed that 74% of Norwegians believe that ‘people on the whole may be trusted.’ No other country scored as high as Norway.



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