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Are you a Candy Crush Addict?

More than a year after its release, Facebook game Candy Crush Saga continues to distract many heads away from work and chores.

Swedish Facebook game developer King launched the blockbuster game back in April 2012. Eight months hence, Candy Crush Saga surpassed former Facebook favourite FarmVille in number of users worldwide.




For those who aren’t well-versed in this colourful game, players have to group candies to remove them from the board. To advance to the next level, the player must repeat this process within a certain amount of time or within a number of moves.


Other obstacles add up to make the game more enticing. According to Time magazine ‘Perhaps the most genius element of Candy Crush is its ability to make you long for it.’


Are you a Candy Crush junkie? Here are five symptoms and five ways to cure them:


Clicking the ‘invite’ button. Like all other Facebook games, Candy Crush Saga compares your scores with friends who also play the game. Defeating friends makes it more fun and addicting to play.




Paying with actual money. Players are offered the chance to pay with real cash to unlock levels, restore lives and buy Boosters. Once your game becomes costly, then that means you’ve just turned into a dead-serious gamer.


Dreaming candy. Seeing candy in your sleep or playing the game while slumbering is actually called the ‘Tetris Effect’ or hypnagogic imagery.


Associating the game with objects in real life. Candy everywhere. One player confessed that a co-worker’s earrings looked like ‘chocolate sprinkles.’ He said ‘I can’t look her in the eyes anymore when she wears them. All I think about is crushing them together and watching the magic happen.’


Store phobia. Candy Crush can tamper with an addict’s real life, making him or her nervous or fidgety in candy aisles due to candy overload.


The cure:


Don’t invite friends. Keep the gameplay to yourself. This will reduce your motivation to play and keep friends off the addicting cycle.


13 - 2


Delete the game. If you can’t do it yourself, have a friend delete the app for you.


Eat candy every time you lose a round. This may sound fun at first, but eating too much candy can sate your tongue enough to make you want to quit entirely. Plus, those who are watching their weight won’t find this fun.


Let first timers play. When you find yourself opening the app, give your gadget to an inexperienced friend. Chances are, they’ll lose the round and deplete your life. Prohibiting you from playing for 30 minutes.


Pack your gadget with other apps. There are other interactive and even educational apps you can download to help you while away your time during a commute. Channel your addiction on these apps and you’ll be spending your time more productively.



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