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Are you sure you are buying the right toys?

by FFE News Staff

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There are no data on incidents of toy related injuries in kids in the Philippines but in the US, nearly 120,000 kids under 14 are rushed to emergency rooms yearly because of toy-related injuries. To prevent incidents from happening, gift-givers must be aware of the age-appropriate toys suitable for kids.


Here are some tips to let you know the best toys to buy for your kids or godchildren:


Newborn to age 1


Babies like to wander around and explore their environment at this age. Some gift ideas are: crib gyms, floor activity puzzles and quilts, soft dolls or stuffed animals and squeaky toys.


Ages 1–3


At these ages, kids are already more agile with their limbs and starting to walk, jump, climb and throw items. Rough and tumble games are what they want, and the choice gifts include blocks, push and pull toys, books and pounding or shaping toys.


Ages 3–5


Toddlers and preschoolers starting to make use of their imagination will want toys that cater to their need for companionship. Some of these are non-toxic art supplies, pretend toys like kitchen sets or play money, teddy bears and dolls and outdoor toys like tricycles.


Ages 5–9


Challenge kids with more complicated games that teach specific skills and ideas. Arts and crafts kits, jump ropes and dolls and action figures are perfect for kids these ages.


Ages 9–14


Tweens need to develop life-long skills, so they would want toys that they can take up in hobbies. Handheld electronic games, sports equipment, board games, model kits and musical instruments are great choices at this age.


To make sure you’re giving a safe toy, take care to do the following before buying the toy:


  1. Check warning labels
  2. Check for damage and sharp edges
  3. Avoid toys that contain lead
  4. Avoid toys with small removable parts that can cause choking
  5. Avoid harmful projectiles that can cause eye injury
  6. Avoid strings, straps and cords as they can cause strangulation





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