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Are you tired of washing clothes?

A wrinkle- and odour-free shirt that can be worn non-stop for 100 days is already available for less than $100.


A US company claims to have developed an incredible shirt that can be worn for 100 days straight without needing a wash or ironing. The shirt cost $ 98.


Manufacturers claim the wool-blended shirt remains wrinkle-free and resists odour so effectively that it even smells fresh after being worn during rigorous exercise.


“We wanted to create the perfect staple shirt for a modern wardrobe, which is why we have developed the oxford solid blue fabric and a small navy and blue gingham check pattern,” the company said on its website. The US company Wool & Prince says that people can wear their wool button-down shirts for days on end without them wrinkling, smelling or showing any dirt. Testers recruited by the company all claim that no matter what they do, the shirts look fresh from the dry cleaner all the time. The company says wool is six times more durable than cotton plus it naturally fights wrinkles and odours and no chemical finishes are needed.


The material for the shirts is woven out of fine wool thread and there’s a lot of “Wool Science” about temperature, wicking, thread dynamics and cotton comparison. Wool&Prince says that “We decided to limit production to 3,000 shirts so that we can ensure quality service and the best product for our early kickstarter adopters. We want to take things slowly and do things right. We want people to love their Wool&Prince shirts.”


“We stuck to what everyone wants for the shirt they can wear everyday. A simple button-down collar, clean cuffs with pleats, and standard back pleats and yoke to ensure great fit,” the website said.


Whether the NYC startup would go on to make socks and underwear that would be odour free for 100 days, the story doesn’t say anything about that. So untill then we need to go on washing our knickers whether we like it or not.




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