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#AskLeaPlaylist: Lea regales her fans on Twitter

by FFE Entertainment News Staff


AskLeaPlaylist Lea regales her fans on Twitter

Lea Salonga’s Playlist concert aired on ABS-CBN.


To commemorate 35 years in showbiz, Lea Salonga staged her concert ‘Playlist’ last 6 and 7 December. The theme of the concert is songs on Lea’s personal playlist, which include titles credited to her name like ‘Reflection,’ popular hits like ‘Chasing Pavements’ and even unlikely choices like ‘Stupid Love’ and ‘Blurred Lines.’


The concert has become a hit and has had a repeat performance last month. But it seems Lea’s hit-making streak is not yet over as netizens celebrate the airing of Playlist last Sunday night on ABS-CBN:


‘No need of dancers,pyros etc! Just the play of lights,the orchestra and her VOICE!  Pak!! #leasalonga #Playlist35OnSundaysBest’ tweeted ‏@jojosaguin.


‘How I managed to breathe through that I will never know. In Jerry and Agnes we trust, indeed! #Playlist35OnSundaysBest #TeamBabesOnPLAYLIST’ said @_dranjwrites referring to the Lea-Aga tandem in ‘Sana Maulit Muli.’


‘Lea is Lea. No one can be as great as her. @MsLeaSalonga #Playlist35OnSundaysBest’ said @KatDeCastro, whose tweet reached 80 hits.


But Lea’s love for her fans did not end with the airing of her hit concert on local TV. She also started #AskLeaPlaylist to give her fans a chance to ask her a question:


AskLeaPlaylist Lea regales her fans on Twitter


Many fans wanted to know what Lea thought about being in the industry for three decades. @Wanabels asked ‘how do keep the inspiration going after 35 years?’ Lea said ‘I just genuinely love what I do. Without the love, there’s no point in going on.’ @DC_micah meanwhile wanted to know how Lea would describe her 35 years in the music industry in one word. Lea said ‘I can sum it up as an ADVENTURE.’


There were also fans who wanted a dose of kilig with their idol. @ohjaaane_ asked if Lea ever had a crush on her Broadway leading men. She replied ‘Oh all the time! Even the gay ones!!!’ Meanwhile, @iam_yoji asked if Lea felt giddy when ‘Aga babes’ gave her flowers on stage during the Playlist concert. Lea said ‘Naman!


In reply to ‏@simplytri5h, Lea had one advice to girls who wanted to follow her footsteps: ‘Be ready to work your asses off. None of this comes easy.’


According to a Facebook post by Kapamilya Gold, the hashtags #AskLeaPlaylist and #Playlist35OnSundaysBest all trended in Twitter:


AskLeaPlaylist Lea regales her fans on Twitter


Get a chance to have your question answered by Lea Salonga by tweeting @MsLeaSalonga with #AskLeaPlaylist!



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