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In Austria, too many cats isn’t Cute

catsAustria’s campaign to control the population of stray cats has led the government to pay €52,000 to castrate some 900 cats last year.


The number of cats castrated this year is lower than previous years: in 2012, around 1,200 stray cats were neutered. Animal welfare activists have called this year’s poor turnout as complacency on the government’s part and warned that this is not enough to control the population. They said that without the campaign, there would be around 4,800 felines prowling the countryside.


The government said it is willing to shoulder half of the costs of neutering pet cats, with the owner paying for the other half.


Castrating or neutering cats is a recommended way of controlling pet number and preventing overpopulation. Cat owners around the world are encouraged to be more responsible with their cats through castration. In Austria, pet owners may face criminal proceedings from the state if they fail to comply with authorities’ request to castrate their cats.



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