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Austrian abbey welcomes ladies seeking a quiet Life

A woman walks under autumn colored trees in a park in Moscow, Russia

The nuns of Kneippkurhaus Marienkron in Austria are inviting young women to stay in their abbey near NeusiedlerLake for a taste of the quiet life.

The nuns said that the scheme was implemented to get more young women to see the benefits of living in a cloistered world. They added that the invitation also aims to attract new nuns who can help them continue to operate the abbey that doubles as a health resort for more years.

Marienkron is currently home to 12 nuns at pensioner age, less than half of which are fit enough to operate the resort that lost money last year. Sister Bernarda understood that they can only attract new nuns and that it will be up to the women to decide to join. She lamented that ‘Such lovely work as we have — you can’t find it any more.’


The resort has 100 beds, is generally patronized by older guests and offers many hydrotherapy treatments, and including Chinese traditional practices and water gymnastics. Staying for a week costs €529.


Would you like to give it a try? Not to have all your gadgets with you and for a day or two try to lead a life far from all the noise and rush of your usual daily life? Share your thoughts at the comment box below!



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