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Austrian woman lets out husband for single Ladies

by FFE EU News Staff



 Renate Kogler, 28, counts herself lucky for having such a real handy man for a husband. So why is she placing an ad for women to rent him out at 20 GBP an hour?


For Renate, having single ladies line up to borrow her husband Andreas is helping her manage the family budget. But she has other concerns in mind.


The wife from Graz, Austria said ‘A lot of single women really miss a man when it comes to putting together furniture, gardening, doing repairs around the house. That sort of thing. My offer to rent out my husband Andreas is mainly targeted at single women, but also to those women whose men are not so handy around the house and with DIY.’


Renate confessed that when she was still single she missed having a man around the house to do simple chores like putting furniture together.

Andreas the 34-year-old handy man

Andreas the 34-year-old handy man


She added that many of the women who have already hired her husband said they would come back for more.


‘I’m happy to share my man with others who are still stuck being single.’





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