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Austrian Zoo opens poll to name baby elephant

by FFE EU News staff

Iqhwa, Umndeni and Phinda: these are the three names zoo visitors and animal lovers in Vienna, Austria can choose from for Schönbrunn Zoo latest addition to their elephant herd.

Photo source: Daniel Zupanc

Zoo director Dagmar Schratter explained the reason behind the three South African names. Iqhwa means “ice” in Zulu and refers to the way the sperm that was used to conceive the elephant was frozen. Umndeni means family, referring to the herd of seven elephants already present at Schönbrunn. Phinda is the name of the reserve where the elephant’s father lives.

The director said “We have chosen three South African names which are considerably different to the other elephant’s names here at the zoo.” She added that she had a favourite and was excited to see the poll results.

While the elephant’s shoulder height has reached 90cm, she still appears tiny beside mother Tonga and half-sister Mongu. The two older elephants have been looking after and protecting the baby. Carers have noticed that “She often stands under her mother’s stomach.”

The zoo has opened an online poll to name the baby elephant under their care. To cast your vote, visit http://www.zoovienna.at/.



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