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Austria’s Robin Hood seized by Police

by FFE EU News Staff


Austria’s Robin Hood seized by Police

Man behind biggest 2013 Austrian heist has been giving money to African poor.


The story behind Austria’s biggest robbery last year turned out to come straight from the books: police found out that this modern Robin Hood who stole 3 milliom GBP had been giving the money to the poor.


Privacy laws prevent the thief from being named in public, but this Robin Hood is a married man with an 18-month-old baby, a security business owner and an ex-policeman. The man carried out the heist with the help of a former employee of security van firm Loomis, whose vehicle was raided by the pair just before Christmas.


The raided Loomis van was carrying money for cash machines across Vienna. The pair wore facemasks, threatened and tied the delivery men at gunpoint then escaped with the cash.


Police were able to nab the pair by identifying the ex-Loomis employee through security camera footage from one of the cash machines. They were also able to recover part of the total sum in the man’s in-laws’ home in Carinthia.


But why did he steal such an amount of money? His wife said ‘With the security job, he had an assignment in Africa. When he was there he saw the starving children and this really affected him. Since then he was never the same. He was always planning charitable projects, and was always talking about dividing up wealth around the world.’


The man said that he had already given part of the cash to charity as anonymous donations. He also confessed to police he planned to give the bulk of the money to orphans in Africa. The pairs’ lawyer Werner Tomanek confirmed the donations and added:


‘He wanted to send the money to Africa in a container full of cheap electronic items. He was keeping it in the attic until he got it organised. He told the family that the cases were full of old documents. Some of the money he also anonymously put through people’s letterboxes who he knew were in financial difficulty.’



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