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Authorities want Paris to become an e-friendly City

Authorities want Paris to become an e-friendly City

Three measures eyed as solution to air pollution.


Paris is finally taking affirmative steps against air pollution.


Last year, the City of Lights was enveloped with smog as temperatures went down. Since then, various Parisian authorities have vowed to be more attentive to air quality, and that includes the police.


In the past days, police have handed around 13,000 speeding fines to drivers as a way to battle rising air pollution recorded since last week. They added that they are stepping up efforts to implement vehicle stops. Breathing specialist Dr Gilles Dixsaut said that road interchanges are now high risk areas and those living near them are exposed to nitrogen dioxide from diesel vehicles.


Paris City Hall also made 11 and 12 March ‘free residential parking days’ so that Parisians will be enticed to leave their cars at home and instead take public transportation.


Socialist and candidate for city mayor Anne Hidalgo also wants to promote a scooter-sharing scheme called Scootlib’. The plan involves around 5,000 environment-friendly electric scooters in 700 stations around the city. Scooter use has increased in the past few years due to lack of parking space, a problem which Scootlib’ also aims to address.


Air quality reader Airparif yesterday issued a warning on the rise of smog in the city. Even as officials are stepping up efforts to lower air pollution in the city, three environment groups filed a lawsuit against city leaders for ‘endangering the lives of others.’



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