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Bakery set to be world’s first to deliver by drone



A Spanish bakery is determined to become the first in the world to deliver its bread by a fleet of drones.


Currus & Co, a Spanish bakery located in the small Cantabrian town of Somo, northern Spain, could become the world’s first bakery to deliver its bread via drone, if their plans come true.

“We have a great product and we want to bring it to the world,” bakery manager Marina Albite told The Local.

The bread shop released a video promoting their plans recently, and it has been getting a lot of buzz online.

The delivery service would detect the location of a client and send their order out in a canvas bag attached to a drone.

But the bakery doesn’t yet have the go-ahead from the Spanish government to actually start the drone delivery service.


Laws restrict the private use of drones and bakery boss Enrique Colsa told The Local that

the company will start the project once the restrictions have been lifted, which he hopes will be in September.

“When they allow us, we will do it, that is the plan,” said Albite. “And we will be the first in the world to do it.”

The Cantabrian bakery was inspired by bigger international companies that have also announced plans to deliver by drone.


Amazon has been developing drones to use for lightweight commercial delivery. A Domino’s franchise in the UK has also tested sending steaming hot pizzas to customers via drone.  The Local-Spain



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