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Nickname: Balcfalcone

Place of Birth: Hindang, Leyte

Marital Status: Married

Political Party: Democratic Party of the Philippines

Facebook: baldomero.falcone

Baldomero “Balcone” Falcone is vice president of a company that gives overseas job placements for retired Filipino officers and soliders.


To use a high government position as a fulcrum/legislative leverage to comprehensively improve the lot of the poorest of the poor in Philippine society

“Personal research validated by nationalistic economistshave shown that Philippine poverty is only artificially made; knowing how to uncover and remedy this artificially created mischief is my personal crusade, for the sake of so many poor Filipinos and citizens who are forced to break up family, sending wives, mothers or fathers or sons and daughters abroad just to be able to meet basic family needs when in fact our country has so much resources and our people so talented. The fundamental wrong premise whether deliberately or unwittingly anchored on the neck of ordinary Filipinos must be lifted; l, candidate Baldomero Falcone knows how: this is my principal reason to get into this political battle: for God country and co-Filipinos,” Bal Falconesaid.

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