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Barretto sisters engage in online word war anew

by FFE Entertainment News staff

Gretchen Barretto’s photo in Instagram (IG) created a buzz in the online community this week. IG followers were drawn to the heated exchange she had with an anonymous user whom she hinted might be her sister, Claudine Barretto.

The anonymous user accused focused on Marjorie, whom she accused of being a mistress and being a lazy mother to her children. Gretchen answered by saying “It does seem like you are so envious that you need to make an account to bash us. Pity you, you keep stalking us.”

She added “it is pure joy to know you are so consumed by our lives keep it going keep stalking we know who you are. Hope you take sometime to rest & take good care of your 2 kids & most of all hope you find time to get the mental help you need. Medical city or perhaps rehab. Peace be with you.”

Gretchen also mentioned attorney Ferdinand Topacio’s name in the exchange. The lawyer is Claudine’s legal counsel for her ongoing case versus husband Raymart Santiago.

The online basher also speculated about where Marjorie’s income was coming from, implying that she was being supported financially by Gretchen and the Cojuangcos. The basher alleged that Gretchen’s daughter Dominique called Marjorie’s family “dependent and parasite.” The basher added “How about you? Are you contented with being called a mistress and Dom being an illegitimate child?”

Gretchen answered with “[Tony] stood by me all through 19 years. (that means something) Dominique means the world to tony & that says it all.” She added “Why don’t you Instagram about yourself. Tell everyone how you treat the people who you work for you. How many helpers have you put to jail for theft (obviously lies) your made up stories.”

Followers of Gretchen asked her why she assumed she was talking to Claudine. She said that Claudine and the basher talked about the same things. She also said that she will fight because she must put a stop to it. “This basher is doing exactly what she said she will do. We refuse to take her insults & even hurt our children.”

photo source: PEP.ph

In an effort to secure her IG account against the haters, she turned her privacy settings to private.

She posted a photo message saying “Sometimes removing some people out of your life makes room for better people,” which she captioned with “I have put my settings on private to be able to post what I feel will make my followers happy. I don’t need negativity on my page. I will block any nasty or negative comments. Love, live and laugh.”

Marjorie faces online bashing

In other nesws, Marjorie Barretto was accused by online bashers of being a social climber. According to an Instagram user, Marjorie’s daughter Claudia is being schooled by Tonyboy Cojuangco. Tonyboy is Gretchen Barretto’s husband.

Marjorie retaliated with “Claudia doesn’t go to BritishSchool. Get your very twisted facts straight. And I pay for my children’s tuition fees. I am not a social climber and I don’t get money from Tony Boy. Why should Tony Boy pay for it.” She added that where her children are schooled is nobody’s business.

She also defended herself and her friends against accusations of living a lavish lifestyle. She said “[my real friends] may all look very sosyal (classy) but are all very kind and hardworking people. Don’t be so mad at me. I don’t know you. God bless you.”

Confronting the said basher, she said “and who are you for you to know me so well? Who is your source. Guess what? I am not scared of posting my photo. However, you should be scared of posting my photo. There is a law against doing that and it could land you in jail. You are being traced as we speak.”

Other online bashers have also accused her for being heartless and posting a group photo of her in a social function during the height of the storm in Metro Manila earlier this week. Marjorie retaliated by saying that the photo was a delayed post.

She said “I have been praying all night and getting things started for donations. You have no right to judge. What about you? Are you praying? Are you preparing goods for donations? Or are you simply looking thru IG pages simply to insult people. Instead of looking at my photos and everyone else’s, get up and help people. Sad!”

In response to another commenter, she said “common sense will tell you that I couldn’t be posing thru the baha (floods), because I can’t even get out of my house with the heavy rains. If you don’t like my photos block me. My goodness you people. Just pray and help instead of making baseless judgements.”

Marjorie believes that the anonymous commenter was using a fake account just to bash her.





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