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BBC’s attention grabbed by ‘flesh-eating’ hoax in Pangasinan

BBC’s attention grabbed by ‘flesh-eating’ hoax in Pangasinan

BBC announced it is conducting its own investigation on the social media scare.


End of the world prophesies and Twitter do not mix, as proven recently by news of a flesh-eating disease that was allegedly spreading all over Pangasinan.


While the perpetrators of this misleading report had already apologised to the Filipino public, international news agency BBC is not yet dropping the subject. BBC has made the topic its #BBCTrending story in an article released yesterday entitled ‘“Flesh-eating disease” prophecy causes panic.’


In the article, BBC Trending revealed that the TV programme Bandila linked two instances of skin disease in Pangasinan to one doomsday prophesy made last year. The circumstances of the two events were so similar that it caused widespread panic in Twitter. BBC Trending revealed the hashtag #PrayforPangasinan was tweeted by 80,000 people:



BBC Trending said the incident is a tale of misinformation and how it can sow panic in social media.



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